Model Deprecation Notice

Please note that as of May 14, several models and model name aliases will no longer be accessible. We recommend updating your applications to use models in the Llama-3 family immediately. The following model names will no longer be available via API:

  1. codellama-70b-instruct
  2. mistral-7b-instruct
  3. mixtral-8x22b-instruct
  4. pplx-7b-chat / pplx-7b-online, sonar-small-chat / sonar-small-online
  5. pplx-70b-chat / pplx-70b-online
  6. pplx-8x7b-chat / pplx-8x7b-online, sonar-medium-chat / sonar-medium-online

In lieu of the above, we recommend switching to models from the Llama 3 family:

  • llama-3-sonar-small-32k-chat / llama-3-sonar-small-32k-online
  • llama-3-sonar-large-32k-chat / llama-3-sonar-large-32k-online
  • llama-3-8b-instruct
  • llama-3-70b-instruct