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search_domain_filter broken

Hi Aarash, Today and perhaps earlier this filter has stopped working on llama-3-sonar-large-32k-online for elevated access. Answers and citations are now sometimes sometimes drawn from outside the specified domain, Please tell me you're not removing this filter as we are building around it. Can send you screenshots to your email if you like. Thanks, <br /> /Mike

Long context length

I've had too long a context around 600,000 characters and I want to ask questions from the context. but if i pass above 60,000 characters then the response is not getting correctly like incomplete, it's just a generic answer unrelated to context. I tried to pass context in chunks but perplexity not remember my previous messages and with "question+context" E.g: User: "I will give you 5 context(s), and you will provide my answer from the context(s)." Assistant: "Sure, go ahead! Provide your 5 context(s), and I'll provide the answers all together." User: 1. Context: Table of Contents UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND... 2. Context: EXCHANGE COMMISSION Washington, D.C. 20549 FORM... 3. Context: 10-Q x QUARTERLY REPORT PURSUANT TO SECTION 13... 4. Context: OR 15(d) OF THE SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934... 5. Context: For the quarterly period ended March 29, 2024... Question: Please summarize in five key points. Answer the question based on the context(s) provided above. Be concise and provide accurate information. If the response is incomplete or truncated, please provide as much information as possible within the given constraints. Please provide a solution which handles too long data. Links: <https://docs.perplexity.ai/docs/model-cards> <https://docs.perplexity.ai/reference/post_chat_completions> <https://docs.perplexity.ai/discuss/6596ce7ab5c181007ff5c116> -> currently we're using the "llama-3-sonar-large-32k-online" model.

Any idea why dbrx is no longer supported by lab.perplexity

Any idea why dbrx is no longer supported by lab.perplexity It was one of the best for databricks/pyspark code generation

Is there a target date or roadmap for the launch of the citation function? Will the search results returned by the citation function be the same as those displayed on the web frontend?

I understand that the API currently does not generate citations when prompted, but that this feature is under active development. Could you please provide an estimated timeline for when citation functionality might be implemented in the API? Thank you for your time and assistance.

Foreign Credit Card

I tried paying for aubscription with my Spore Credit Card while i am statkoned in Malaysia and kept getting rejected with prompt that the payment cannot be authenticated. Pls advise how should i go about making payment with credit card

Is there still an issue between API request and Chat Request?

Below is a prompt I developed. If i use the prompt with Perplexity Pro chat, the URLs are real. If I use the API, I get URLs to no where. All of the URLs are dead 404 "" You are an expert AI assistant specializing in locating relevant documents based on a given topic, question, or request. Your task is to find the most pertinent documents and provide a concise summary of each. The user will provide a topic, question, or request in the following format: <topic> I am writing a detailed article on the life story of Katherine Johnson. This article will explore various aspects of her life, beginning with her childhood and the social fabric of America during her youth. I aim to delve into her university days, including the quality of the institutions she attended and their impact on her development. Additionally, the article will focus on her groundbreaking accomplishments at NASA, highlighting her relationships with John Glenn and Alan Shepard. A comprehensive list of her achievements and contributions is also essential. Please provide in-depth information on these key areas to support the creation of a well-rounded and informative article. </topic> Before conducting your search, rewrite the user's input to optimize the search query. Consider expanding on key terms, rephrasing the question, or adding relevant keywords to improve the search results. If the user input is not in the form of a question or a request, create the input into a request for information. For example: "seeking information on ...". Write your optimized search query inside \<optimized_query> tags. Next, perform an exhaustive search using the optimized query. Locate the most relevant documents and compile the search results into an array of JSON objects. Each JSON object should contain the following fields: - "Title": The title of the document - "URL": The URL or location of the document - "Summary": A brief summary of the document's content Ensure that the search results are comprehensive and cover various aspects of the topic or question. Aim to provide a diverse set of documents that offer different perspectives or insights. No hypothetical articles, only real. Once you have completed the search and compiled the results, return the results in JSON format enclosed within \<search_results> tags. Your goal is to provide the user with the most useful and informative resources related to their topic or question.

"Related" questions in the API?

![](https://files.readme.io/679d76d-image.png) How can I get access to the "Related" API? I'm researching topics to cover for my [ai form filling app](https://instafill.ai/) blog. There are thousands of government forms and Perplexity helps me figure out what each form is about. I can do it using the Perplexity app but this process is manual and I want to automate it.

Can Perplexity PRO level be used via Python API? Or is it only a web portal thing?

Can PRO level be used via Python API? Or is it only a web portal thing? If it's available via the Python API (from a Python script), how do you do it, what do you tweak differently from the normal Python Perplexity API call to the Sonar models?

Web-User Pro Features in API

I was wondering if the Perplexity Team has the intention implement Pro feature that is available to all paying users in the API format? I am aware that it is not present in the roadmap timeline.

Free API key access?

Is there a free option to copy the API key? College students working on a marketing campaign assignment need to integrate the API into a third-party workflow diagram platform, which requires the key.