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Proper version of OpenAPI definition to use

'm building an app using the example in <https://docs.perplexity.ai/reference/post_chat_completions>, using the given OpenAPI definition '@pplx/v0#29jnn2rlt35the2'. But that results in the error message: Sorry, we were unable to load that OpenAPI definition. Please either supply a URL or a path on your filesystem. Is there a newer version I should be referencing?

removing attached files

How do I remove attached files to one my threads. It’s affecting the answers to my other questions. Help!

Apl_url syntax

Is the following syntax correct: api_url = '<https://api.perplexity.ai/v1/models/sonar-small-online/complete'>

About checking API usage

Home→[Settings]→[API]→[View Dashboard] [View Dashboard]→[Usage] I can see [1 month] and [2 months], but I can't see [6 months]. Therefore, it is not possible to check all changes in API usage from the start date.

Sobre la API KEY

Si yo ya ytengo mi API KEY de openai con créditos, no la puedo usar aquí en Perplexity??

I cannot see the 'generate api key' button, even I've charged $5 on my account!

To use the perplexity API, I've created my account and charged $5. Payment has succeed, but on the API setting page, the area of "API" is all blanc and no buttons appear. How can I get to use API?

How to access the usage of a stream when using OpenAI sdk?

Hi, I'm currently having a hard time accessing the usage from the stream in JS. It's fine in Python as we can just iterate through the response but can't find a way in JS. I'm also using Vercel AI SDK where I've tried to use AIStream but without success. Here's my code ``` // Define a simple parser that logs each chunk and returns nothing. function logChunkParser(): AIStreamParser { console.log('logChunkParser') return (data: any) => { console.log('Chunk received:', data); // Since we're only logging, we return nothing here. }; } AIStream(response, logChunkParser()) ``` I don't mind not using Vercel SDK but would still need to count the number of tokens. Does anyone has a way?

Are Sonar models new?

Are Sonar models new models, or fine-tuned mistral models? Just wanna know, since the hidden pplx-8x7b is there, so like wanna know if they're the same model or not.

Source link not available via API

Hi Perplexity, I'm build tinyai.io which is a prompt builder and gives users access to multiple AI models (perplexity, openai, google gemnini (coming soon). I was excited to implement perplexity and let my user search the internet, however I can't get the source links to a chat completion, which makes the api kinda useless. How can I receive the source information and also you offer video and other media on Perplexity - is that coming to the API anytime soon? Cheers, Christian

why am i recieving weird answers that dont mean anything

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