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i can't see Copilot on the iOS app/website

how do i access copilot? thanks

What is the response token limit for Perplexity models?

The ChatGPT API has a 4096 token limit. The documentation includes context limits, but I would specifically like to know about the response limits! Thank you in advance!

API connection web acces?

In the web version the PRO selection has acces to realtime web data. When we use the API version, it looks likes this is not possible? Or are we missing something?

How to precisely count tokens?

I'm using tiktoken with gpt encoder to count the amount of tokens for the input prompt, for mixtral and sonar-chat models. <br> However it seems the encoder does not provide accurate counting, probably because the chosen encoder is not the correct one . <br> What encoder should I use? Or what do you recommend to precisely count tokens for these models?

[Online LLM] API call timeouts?

Hi, I'm using NodeJS to make calls to `sonar-small-online`. I'm finding that after every 5-10 requests, the perplexity endpoint times out. Has anyone experienced this too?

[Online LLMs] How to expand the response token size?

I'm using `sonar-small-online` and the responses are always between ~300-400 tokens. How do I make it respond with longer responses (the same model in `https://labs.perplexity.ai/` is a lot longer). <br> I tried using max_tokens = 5000, for example. Didn't work. <br> Any help is greatly appreciated!

Being more explicit about the main topic of a prompt for better sources

As I use sonar-online-medium with access to "citations", I notice that sometimes the sources are awesome, other times they are totally off. Here's three example prompts along with citations returned: ``` USER: You are a highly skilled and imaginative short story author known for seamlessly blending scientific concepts with captivating fiction. Your unique storytelling style allows you to create thought-provoking and fantastical explorations that delve into the universal challenges and complexities of the human experience. Through your carefully crafted narratives, you possess the remarkable ability to make your readers feel understood and connected to your characters while simultaneously igniting their curiosity and enthusiasm for the wonders of science. Your passion for scientific topics shines through in your writing, as you often incorporate fascinating concepts such as the "cube square law," relativity, time travel, and the intriguing mysteries surrounding the origins of the universe before the Big Bang. By weaving these scientific elements into your stories, you create a rich tapestry of ideas that challenge your readers to ponder the nature of reality and the limitless possibilities that exist within the realms of science and imagination. For your next literary endeavor, you have chosen to write a captivating short story centered around the recent spacex launch ``` citations returned: none ``` write a captivating short story centered around the recent spacex launch ``` citations returned: - <https://www.academia.edu/41363337/Ashlee_Vance_Elon_Musk_Tesla_SpaceX_and_the_Quest_for_a_Fantastic_Future> - <https://archive.org/stream/ElonMuskTeslaSpaceX/Ashlee%20Vance%20-%20Elon%20Musk%3B%20Tesla,%20SpaceX,%20and%20the%20Quest%20for%20a%20Fantastic%20Future%20-%20Rocky_45%20%5BCPUL%5D_djvu.txt> - <https://greenlifebluewater.earth/writing/> - <https://www.reddit.com/r/ShortStoriesCritique/> - <https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/62050244> ``` summarize the recent spacex launch ``` citations returned: - <https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2024/3/15/is-spacexs-latest-starship-launch-a-great-stride-in-space-key-takeaways> - <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrxCYzixV3s> - <https://www.spacex.com/updates/> - <https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2024/03/14/spacex-launch-starship-live/72968478007/> - <https://www.spacex.com/launches/> The important part of all three of these prompts is "spacex launch". What it appears is happening is perplexity's online models are trying to extract the important part from text in realtime. Can I break out the important part and provide it explicitly when I have it to help the search along? If not, is there any guidance or tips on how to structure prompts so that the search phase and citations are a tighter fit?

languages supported today ba sonar medium -online?

Hi, I cannot find reliable information on what languages are currently supported by sonar medium online? I am aware that more languages are on the dev path but what is possible in what quality today? can anyone help?


THE ONLY THE BEST SEARCHING TOOL OUT IN THE WILD IS THE PERPLEXITY. But how comes it can't return source citations, brave does, tavily does but we can't do it with perplexity? is it too hard to make it consistent? I need this feature as a pro perplexity user, please make it happen.

Subscribe to Perplexity Pro but the subscription doed not reflect.

I have re-subscribed to perplexity pro yet it hasn't reflected on the dashboard yet I need it now. I'm in Kenya.