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Conversational/Multi-turn Decoherence on llama-3-sonar-large-32k-online

Hi Aarash, 2 months ago you kindly fixed a bug I flagged about multi-turn conversations losing coherence. It seems the bug is back - noticed it about 3 weeks ago: (via playground, and API) Example: Human: Are there camels at ZSL? LLM: Yes, there are camels at ZSL (Zoological Society of London). Specifically, London Zoo is home to two domestic Bactrian camels named Genghis and Noemie, which can be found in the Orange Zone of the zoo. Human: What are their names? LLM: The song "What Are Their Names" is by David Crosby, and it is part of his album "If I Could Only Remember My Name" released on February 22, 1971. The song features vocals from several notable artists, including David Crosby, Graham Nash, David Freiberg, Phil Lesh, Jerry Garcia, Grace Slick, Joni Mitchell, and Paul Kantner. Thanks, Mike

Fast changing data

Hi, I have lots of fast-moving and changing data on <https://patientgroups.ai> but it is not being updated on perplexity. It's kind of hallucinating the data and not giving the correct answers if the site changes. It's obviously quite important data for patients searching for patient groups if they have a newly discovered medical condition so it would be good to be updated often. I did a search but cannot find a submission mechanism for sitemaps, is one coming soon?

Inconsistency in responses for the same query

I get pretty wildly different results for this prompt: "Flight prices to Portugal from SFO in July on Google Flights" Example responses: - To find flight prices to Portugal from SFO in July on Google Flights, follow these steps:\\n\\n1. Go to Google Flights.\\n2. Enter San Francisco (SFO) as your departure city and Lisbon (LIS) or Porto (OPO) as your destination.\\n3. Select your ticket type: one-way, round trip, or multi-city.\\n4. Select the number of passengers and cabin class.\\n5. Click the calendar to select your flight dates in July.\\n6. You will find the lowest total price to fly for each day.\\n7. Optional: Filter your results by stops, airlines, times, or more.\\n8.Choose a flight for each part of your trip.\\n9. Choose how you’ll book the flight: usually, you will be taken to the airline’s website or online travel agency to complete the transaction.\\n\\nFor example, flights from San Francisco to Lisbon in July can start from $510.00[2]. - Starting from $510.00[3]. - I have read the sources carefully. Please provide the query you would like me to answer. The citations it returns are also always different. This is using temperature=0 and llama-3-sonar-large-32k-online model. In our system prompt, we include "Try to be consistent. The user expects to get the same answer for the same question, except for things that change frequently like stocks and the weather.", but I also see from the API docs "Note that the search subsystem of the Online LLMs do not attend to the system prompt.". Flights is one example but this happens for other queries as well. Any advice on how to get better consistency?

Perplexity not visiting URL - Only halluzinating (make.com)

Hello Community, I noticed today that the Perplexity “Create a Chat Completion” module at make.com only responds with a generic text. Its job was to visit a URL and highlight the main points. The output I received has nothing to do with the visited article from my given URL. I tested various models and had the same result. When I enter the same prompt with the URL at perplexity.ai, I got a result which confirms that the URL was actually visited and researched. However, this is not the case with the make.com module. What’s going on with the API? Regards, Markus

what is considered as a token?

for rate limits, what is considered as a token? Please explain with example

[FR] caching the system prompt for cheaper price

# Use Case <br /> Bob has a lengthy system prompt that applied to a large quantity of inputs. instead of passing it to the stateless api every single time, the prepend system prompt shall be cached: save the current state of the llm, and reuse it for the coming requests

"Related" questions in the API?

![](https://files.readme.io/679d76d-image.png) How can I get access to the "Related" API? I'm researching topics to cover for my [ai form filling app](https://instafill.ai/) blog. There are thousands of government forms and Perplexity helps me figure out what each form is about. I can do it using the Perplexity app but this process is manual and I want to automate it.

Best model for up-to-date data

Hello - I started using Perplexity's API after having some success using the UI product. However, I'm finding that the API models are returning pretty outdated information. For example, when querying for information about Linda Yaccarino, the API models (including the llama 3, large, online model) identify her as the CEO of NBC universal, which is over a year out of date. However, querying Perplexity using the UI clearly identifies her as the CEO of X (correctly) and is able to report sources from the same day. Is there another model I can reference via the UI to get more up to date information, or another way I need to parametrize the API to get more up to date information? Thanks!

Significant difference in UI and API output

Hi, <br /> I tried to get output through the API connection of perplexity, but I experienced a significant decrease in performance. When getting it through the UI, this output was strong and good. I have read on another discussion board topic here that it might come due the prompt, that the API can only 'attack' one question per prompt and not multiple ones. How would you guys approach this prompt? PROMPT: *** <br /> Search the domain <varWebsite> and its specific subpages (like /news, /page, /sustainability, etc.) to gather detailed information to create a comprehensive company profile. All information must be strictly sourced from the specified website domain. This is a hard requirement. General: Provide a general description of the company’s history and main activities. Formulate this as objective as possible. Strategy: Provide Provide their clearly mentioned strategy if it is mentioned on their website. Include mission and vision too if available. Market Activities (list in bullet points): The geographic markets where the company is active. The type of products they offer. The sales channels they utilize, just high-over. Locations: (list in bullet points): The location of the main corporate HQ. Give only the city and country. Other respective locations, specifying if these are sales offices, production plants, or others, if possible. Also here, give only the city and country. Press Releases: Summarize at most three significant press releases from the past 1-2 years. Present these summaries in key bullet points. Sustainability: Describe any stated sustainability strategies or initiatives related to emissions. Provide any other information about their environmental efforts relevant to know for a competitor. Corporate Structure: List the names of people on the board of directors / leadership team / company management or similar, along with their respective roles, if available. Present only their names and position, not anything else, but only if they are in the management board. Additional notes for the model: The output should only be the company profile, from general to corporate structure. Do not add any comments. The company profile should be in English. Ensure all information comes directly from the website's pages, such as ‘About Us’, ‘Products’, and ‘Press Releases’. Do not use any other sources besides the domain that I have shown to you at the start. Keep the information objective; I need factual company data. If there is no specific information available on a topic, return ‘there is no information available on this topic’ in the format If the website is not available or reachable, return an output with ‘Website not reachable, no information.’ *** End prompt

Missing Additional Text/Description in Website Listings

Hello, I'm seeking assistance with an issue we're facing for our website being presented in Perplexity. We're trying to improve our presented data, but it seems we're missing some additional text/description for certain entries. I've attached a screenshot to illustrate the problem: <https://prnt.sc/icTiNjV-kNdu> As you can see, the listing data for our website lacks complete descriptions compared to other websites. What steps can we take to ensure our data is fully populated with the necessary descriptions? Are there specific guidelines or tools you recommend for auditing and enhancing the data on our site? Thank you in advance for your help!